Friday, August 29, 2008

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun!

Le gassspppeh!

I totally spring-cleaned my room today (which is technically yesterday since it's already 0026hours). I feel so freaking proud of myself :D Both my tables used to be a huge mess (long table/cupboard in front of my bed & comp table), stuffs all over the place, and since my room's pretty small, it looked kinda crowded. So, when i came home from centre point, i took a good look at everything and felt sick of it, so i immediately grabbed like, two huge plastic bags, 4 of those "magic wipe tissue" things, and started throwing old useless crap away. Feels goooood.

So now, my tables are neat and UNdusty! So beautiful. Makes me wanna cry. *tear*

Oh yeah, i never knew i could spend like, almost 3 hours in Centre Point. Sounds sad, i know. Cause it's Centre Point. ahahah. Mum and i went there, had our eyesights checked & bought specs, got our visas, lunched, browsed at Canaan Land, aaaand grocery-shopped. Shiats man, my eye power rose. 220. And i got slight astig now T_T It's probably cause i broke my specs (in half?!) and been delaying making one for almost 2 months. Yes, i am a lazybuummm. D:

Besides that, Vern left this morn. He'll be farrrrawaaaay for 7 months, isolated on some ISLAND (ok, fine, it's not an island), with no internet. Uhuh, for 7 months. My last words to him were, "Get a friggin internet & don't miss me too much. Turra :)" And HIS last words to me were...

"Screw MSN."

thanks, vern. At least, if anything happens to me in the next 7 months, i will have your Msn-insult-words implanted in my memory when i think of you. Good times, good times.


Aaaanyways, i'm gonna get some sleep now. It's already the 29th (0042hours) and so, i'm very excited about Tomorrow, tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow! You're always a day awaaay ~

Oh, but before i go, i must show you. I must gloat.

Yay! Time to indulge :)

Utada Hikaru's First Love
Tohoshinki's Doushite

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