Monday, September 22, 2008

Homg, the zoooo. *hyperventilates*

I've been learning so much about the WWII, I can hardly remember anything about the WWI. And all I can hear in my head are explosions and gunfires cause the DVD I'm watching has so much of it. Violence ftw!

"Eh, you should research the history of the Statue of Liberty."
"I know it was given to US by the French."
"Really? No wonder it's wearing some weird long skirt lah.."
"...why? French people wear weird long skirts meh?"
"No, but I bet if it was made by the US, it'd be wearing like, basketball shorts."
"...uh... yeah, sure jie."

I love my sis.

So anywhos, we were supposed to go to the Royal Melbourne Show yesterday (zomg, pig race!) but nah, didn't work out so we ended up going to the zoo instead. Seriously though, Aust is one of the best places to go zoo-ing cause it's so easy, breezy, beautiful. Like Cover Girl. Haaaaa, anyways. It was supah windy all day, which was sorta annoying but together with such sunny blue skies, it made a perfect combination of a day. Plus I was like, walking non-stop from 11 till 4 something, so I guess I got to burn off some of the collected fat from the week i've been here :P Oh how I miss the gym. cries.

Oh, not to forget, I had my pa's kickbutt slr with me, which has 18x optical zoom. Can it get anymore awesome?? So, right, here are the photos talking.

Onward to the zoo, men!

What-up, homes.

"Haaaihh.... so sian."

A mandrill.

Mandrills have the prettiest rear ends in the world, honestly.
It like, goes from pink to violet to blue to green.
Almost a perfect rainbow arsenal.

Monkey silhouettes:





It's not everyday you see a brooding monkey.

Aww, love monkeys.

I've no idea what monkey this is but heck, it has nicer hair than me.


Not one speck of cloud in the sky.

Tree kangaroo.

My mum. And her distorted tree.

The Winangfun family.

Okay, Koalas are cute, but one of the most boring animals ever, no offence.

She deceives you with her tiptoe-ing! I'm a half a head taller. Yay :D

The attack of the babies. Raaaarrrrr.

Boy, do I love sitting on the grass ~

Alright, that'd be all for now.
Now, I take my leave to bask in some uber sexy Chucknesses.

"Hi, my name is Charles Bartowski, but you can call me Chuck. Those are my shoes, this is my life. It's filled with spies, car chases, computer-stealing ninjas, and me saving the day."

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