Thursday, October 16, 2008

He pampers me :)


Sorry, i've been so MIA for the past few days. 'Been stressing over my silly O lvl stuffs and stressing even more about the fact that I could be studying the wrong thing? Oh, I don't know. All this confusing GCE and GCSE and IGCSE omg. Pressure me somemore :( Oh, plus, I suddenly have to change Shakespeare books. So now, I have to welcome and embrace the tragic story and utterly confusing words of Macbeth. But I have to admit, it leaves me inspired. ;)

Oh yeah. The Compaq is officially GONE, y'all! Apparently, there was lots of dust clogging up inside my laptop and the fan wasn't working properly, hence, the burning up of the motherboard. Thank God--and uh, myself?--I backed up most of my stuff. Just a tiny lil bit feeling of loss, but not that much. Plus, the dude (Mr Blue Eyes no.2) took out my harddrive and made it into an external, thus I now have TWO external harddisks. Ho yeah! So i'll be buying another laptop soon. For about 500/600 AUD? Dirt cheap. :D No wonder Australians can afford so many things here.

And, to add to my sheer joy, Rain's 5th album is out! Allow me to hyperventilate, please and thanks. Also, he's having his Asian Tour at the end of the year. HAPPINESS YAW. I may be missing out on Wade Robson, my laptop is screwed, my photos lost, but heck, there's always something good at the end. :) Thank You, God!

I never thought I'd live to say this but, I'm knitting. Omg can? See, I wanted to wear a scarf la, so I thought i'd just borrow my sister's, but my broinlaw lost it. (Wth, don't ask :P) So at Marysville, part of the 'Knitting Crew' were there.

My aunt = leader
Aunty Linda = crew member
My mum = newbie

So so so... i've been forced to knit my own scarf D: This is child labour, i tell you.

Anywhos, plentiful of pictures will come when I get my butt-kickin laptop.
Till then, adieu.

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