Monday, December 1, 2008

Hi. I'm dead.

Hel-oh. :) An update! A boring one. I've lost the blogging mojo completely. Zero. I don't even know whether I ever had the blogging mojo. If I didn't, then it just got... zero-est.

and omg? It's already December. 2 more weeks, babeh! Huhu! My wifey's coming back :D Next thing you know, it'll be christmas, then new years, then gong hei fatt choy (as i grow older, the packets grow thinner. rawr. if too lazy to give me in 1s, then give me in 50s la!), then exams, then LARK! 17 years. Vroom vroom. :)

I art coming Mr Lee~ HEE HEE.

Oh, I still have cough. le gasp.

When I go into one of my coughing fits, I sound like a suffocating fish. I tried eating food that wouldn't make it worse, but it didn't get better, so I decided.. ah to heck it with it lah, just makan everything only. HEHE yeeah i'm still not better yet. And I don't know why, but i've never been able to like, manage to spit out phlegm. Like you know, those disgusting people who "hwaaakkk PUUT!" into the basin seriously loud and the phlegm comes out. So the other day, I kept trying till I choked. But then I spitted out and tadaa! Phlegm! Omgla. Syoks. I feel dam proud of myself. *pats self*

Other than that, my days are so unproductive. I watched Family Outing (Korean variety show) like 2 times over and there are 9 videos lakay. So you can probably guess how lifeless I am. I eat pasta also like no joy, no enthusiasm. I don't know how that makes sense la, but y' does.....

and you know what's more depressing? Apparently, I missed some smiley thinggy in the sky earlier. It was Venus, Jupiter and some other moon, as said by Ms Cath. I wish I could be more excited. I am, in a very sleepy way. I want a miniature dog. -.-

BLAH, I gotta ciao. Have to wake up at 6 somethings. guh.

Audiofood, Lady Gaga's Just Dance

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