Friday, February 6, 2009


I was freaking out the second i woke up cause the night before, my aunt told me she was gonna test me on WeimarRepublic and SunYatSen. and i was all, oh krap when was SYS born again?! so yeah.

Then i got another SMS this morning saying that tuition was cancelled hehehehe. *sighs of relief*

oh shucks man, that means i have to do even better on monday. bbq.

And i dunno why, but i suddenly got really restless halfway studying. I felt sick of being in my room and then i went outside and then i got sick of being outside in the living room. -.- Almost called Zoe to see whether she wanna study with me in mph but alas! she got vocal class. So, restlessness + itchy hands + slr cam - tuition EQUALS....?


eh, this was taken during my break time okeh. Yez, my self-established break time. :D I'm so good to myself, hee. Oh and before i forget, a very jolly birthday to Ms Ong Mei Ling!

my pretty rice ball 감사합니다, vonn!

when life gets you down... DOODLE.

...for Zoe who is so domokuney now.

church service notes.

and then i thought, "hmmm... there IS some other way to use up my used paper instead of throwing em away..."

ai sho kawaii des!!

*eye twitches*




syok sendiri-ing


it is Julian-inspired.

beloved cheeze spray, what would i do without you?

some card thing. I dunno how i came to have it but.... i have it.


BU primary school, left to right: Suhania, Jayne, SimPeyZhu, ME, Charissa, Dharlynnie (my bestfriend along with Sumitra who disappeared), and... i forgot their names :/

the littlest Soph. You annoy me, i slap you with bigass MickeyMouse hand :)

You shouldn't have a problem finding Ian Fan, Yen and me!

Ooo but wait a minute, what's that smell?


it's me! *lifts arms* HEHEHEHEHE...

but before I go, a little love from my birthday piggy to you,


audiofood: Taylor Swift's White Horse

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