Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Have you yessed yet?

BBQ! The photos FINALLY finished uploading after 1.5819537189 hours. Anyways, dear Madeline celebrated her 16th yesterday with the awesome us. If you don't like reading "what i did today at blablabla" kinda post, then.... too bad, laah :)

So um, i kinda forgot about the whole bash yesterday. I only remembered when my sis went all "when you going?" at like, 3. This is when i thank God for siblings cause really la, how to depend on parents? HAHA dem bad.


Moving on.

Headed over to Meg's first, cause... don't we all just love her place (and her bigass comp monitor *cough*). Ladida, dilly-dallied there for a bit then went over to our friendly neighborhood mall, 1u. I really wonder why they have to put Neway aaaaalll the way inside, where you have to walk through the 'piu piu' section. (arcade la omg) Even saw a Dragon-i waiter, de-stressing over there ok.
Waiter - "The guys back there SO don't know what they're missing."

HAHA syok sendiri. Anyways.

Von and i went to meet up with Zoe and we practically walked all over looking for random things to 'complete' our present. Of course, minor interruptions on the way. Kitschen, mmHMM? :P

BUT, all is good, we made it back to Neway about like, 59 minutes later and thus began the REAL party. *eyebrow wiggles* Before i go on, some pikchas if i may? Oh yeah, there are a lot of 'would've-been' shots. Would've-been meaning it would've been nice if it weren't blur. But can't help it... my cam hates bad lighting :D

@ Meg's


@ OneYou

Hahahaha :D

OMGOSH THE FOOOOOD AKA SUSHI BAR. We totally owned that corner yeah? If i were the person behind us, i'd hate us lol. Oh well. At least they didn't have to face the sian-looking eye-roller sushi dude. He takes longer to make 3 salmon sushi than my fish to die ok. And my fish died before he even started >.>


(no really, it died while i was away T_T)

I sit like damn apek can. Just had to blur my face out ): On the contrary, Zoe looks good.

The many kawaii faces of Meg:

Heck, she does the Terrence better than.... Terrence.

PANTY LINER! Inspired by condoms we just so happened to be glancing at, for a while. *whistles* We're good girls, really O:)

Vonn's hand-made mustachioozzz.

HEHEHEHE i don't need to explain this. It's awesome, i'm awesome, tqvm.
...oh yeah. Zoe, go away. hahahahaha.

Would've-been 1

Would've-been 2

Would've-been 3

"Take out the candles with your mouth...."

"....and say the names of random guys."


Would've-been 4

Would've-been 5


Would've-been 6

Would've-been 7

Would've-been 8. But i blame this on the guy who cleaned our plates ;)

My gosh, we went from Westlife to Britney Spears to Las Ketchup song to Aqua's Cartoon Heroes. Eventhough we almost lost our voices (i'm actually surprised we didn't. I mean, we even managed to belt out "My Heart Will Go On". whoaa.), it was still good fun. Too bad Vonn and Zoe had to leave at around 9-ish. I listened to Meg's mum have a go at Mamma Mia and then she got free cake + sparkling juice. We left near to 10, all tired out.

I want Leica photos >:O

Okay, this post kinda krap cause i simply typed out the words as they came, and it's gonna be freaking 2am ): Scratch that, it's already gone 2am. But no class tomorrow, huhu! I'm saaaaved.

But all in all, we had an awesome time and Meg!

A very merry YESSING 16th to you :)
x's and o's.

Rules - Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

Day four.
1) Had a french oral test and history test. I survived! :)

2) The Hujan came to the gym and well, despite that the awesome nonsensical fangirling has finally died out (why eonni!), I shall have good dreams tonight. *dances*

3) Meg and i mastered the YES dance. But don't yes too hard.

4) I love my pa. He's such a bug exterminator. There was this huge bee 'resting' on our toilet ceiling and then my dad took 4 rubberbands, aimed, and *PIAK!* the bee came tumbling down, handicapped. Then it *PIAK!* kena smacked. Dem syok. Everything looks like cockroach now though.

5) I'm another day closer to my tees <3

6) I think i annoy Daisy. *yes dance!*

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