Wednesday, March 18, 2009

wonder woman, saving the day one thought at a time

The time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things / Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings / And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wigs / Calloo, Callay, come run away / With the cabbages and kings.

hai kung fu!

Guess what? I sucked at my China mock paper yesterday ): which like duh, got my pa all worried and whatnot. So my aunt decided to test me again today and thenn... i passed :D Ooh lala *happiness* But whatevs lah, trying my hardest to study my arse off despite the fact it is so not in my krappy indolent nature :P

It's just all about,

"finding your inner nerd"

*nods wisely*

Ooh yeah! Katy Perry's (I Kissed A Girl, Hot N Cold, etc) mum came to our church. She was pretty awesome, sharing her testimony and all. She also prayed for us youths, us... rebellious youths ;) But like, whoa, when she was coming nearer, you could seriously feel God's presence. Like, it was right THERE. It was amazing lah, i'm glad she prayed/prophesied over us :D and not just cause she's "wooo Katy Perry's mum" lah kay, pft.

pikcherz! On the unhappening happenings of the past few days. Or months.

15 02: Madeline

I love this :D thank goodness it's not as blur.

28 02: the western bells are ringin'


Oh, and the couple :)

The guy is my cousin, Kenny. and my new cousin-in-law, Linna, who is freaking PRETTY in all capital letters. And now, we are 'related'. Muuharhar! :'D

I wasn't there by the way. I was... here -_-

15 03: churros and nom noms

MUST try - Moltven Lava in front of 1u. 6 bucks for 3 scoops of icecream and 2 churros, dam worth it ok. And then after makan, sis and i went to Cold storage and got ourselves...

toaster pastry!! :D

Pop it into the oven (or toaster) for about 10 seconds andd...

pooof! Nom nom nom :)

16 03: illegal parking?
I had to follow my dad to post laju and then i spotted this...

"Eh, pa, look. That trolley also got parking spot." tee hee.

18 03: omma!
My dearest mama bear came home today! and along with her came my long anticipated threadless tees ♥ And who knew she would buy clothes for me too.

she hates buying me clothes. I don't blame her :P


I am a happy shopper *big grins*

Not much lah, what to do. Or else all you'll hear about is... work T_T

Which reminds me...
i have to get back to my work.


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