Friday, April 17, 2009

of speech bubbles, jumpshots, and jerusalem? (16)

I don't like Meg. She and her le super emo songs influenced me and now i'm all "Cause when i'm with him, i'm thinking of yoOouuUuu~~...."
*eye twitches* That's not cool man. That's not cool.

Besides that, the pressure of the coming exams are starting to settle in, though not completely. I'm still excited about after that :P But eh, first english paper is in 3 weeks ok, memang got pressure kan. I hate exams, i hate the idea of exams, i hate that eventhough i'm confident that i remember all the facts i've learned, i STILL don't know what's gonna come out in that damned piece of paper.

If i ever become a teacher, i'll probably kick myself when i give out exam papers. Either that or i'll get fired for making students rebel against tests. nyahahah :D

Oh yeah, i'm also looking forward to this weekend cause the mama and papa bear are leaving! Hehehe. It's only to Lumut till tuesday so yez. Party hardy anyone? ;)

Ahem. Project -

15 04: outside tuition

The electricity was out at my aunt's place so we went to study at secret recipe :O I dunno why lah, but i felt so odd studying outside.. especially with my aunt dictating to me on communism and Stalin and i could see people's face was like, "wth, communist!"

Ok they weren't, but i just thank God she wasn't teaching me on Hitler. She'd probably go like,



16 04: phailed jumpshots

Yey! study date at Meg's. Finally, after so long, we have a somewhat fixed time for our study group. 3 weeks before exams start -_- But yeah. Trust me, this time it was a little more successful than the one at Zoe's the other day :D


Clearly, the motivation has not kicked in yet.

After eating, we got all our books ready and gathered on the floor for some hardcore studying session.

*looks at you*

Ooooh i see that. That face of doubt and disbelief. You don't believe huh? Oh ye of little faith! I will show you proof. I SHOW YOU.

See see. Meg reading her bk book.

I TOLD you she's studying. Still don't believe?


See, Zoe's studying really hard as well.

Can you feel it? Can you feel the brain juices working and the intense concentration they put into their work? I felt so motivated.

Now even I'M studying.


Best game evar - LocoRoco!

Hello speech bubbles:

the carnivorous bunny version #1

the cute little dog i told zoe to use cause dowan vonn to q me version #2


Um, but yeah. We did study okay! D:

This was after all the concentrated, DEEP, and passionate hard work.

Zoe's skillz.

"I love your tree, Madeline!"

Oh oh, Vonn. Guess who's the dude lol.

...she was trying to look like a cancer patient. Trying.

♥ ♥ ♥

Failed jumpshots pics aside, here are the ones that actually were pretty awesome...

...and somewhat barbaric. *points to meg*

HAHA love youuu.

There are more, but i can't be bothered to post em. More study dates prz~ ngeehee :D

17 04: missing

I lost the white band Vonn gave me, now i only have one ):

Ok, now iEmo with my iPod before iTuition. iSigh.

listening to: Amy Pearson's Ready To Fly

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