Sunday, May 10, 2009

edit: 사랑해 (28)


As you should know, i finished my english last friday. One paper down, wooh. Thank God i didn't feel as nervous, in fact... i was quite relaxed. Not that the paper was easy, but i felt kinda laid back till i had to make myself panic. *facepalm* -_-
Anyways. I'll edit this later tonight. Gotta do bk work now.

PS: i want pictures, Vonn/Zoe!

EDIT: Hello hello. I art back. I shall, however, do this real quickly cause i'm not in the best of moods (thank God Ro's on) due to 'this-this-this' and well, i still have to study lah. Hardly did today, gah. 2 days before exam. Bull >:O

08 05: where dong dong?

AAH HAYDEN!!! Mucho love. Anyways. The usual gang met up at centre point for Uncle Henry's 60th birthday bash and japanese food, nom nom. No pictures on that yet. During his speech, Meg and i left back to her's to get a head start on studying first.


But then Hayden was there as well, so, HEH. Distraction at first :)

Like aunty like nephew. (?)

Then chef and Zoe arrived.

But yeah.

We actually studied this time :D

09 05: close to you~

The aunties, uncles and cousins gathered for karaoke session to celebrate mother's day with my popoh. All the old chinese songs omg. Oh and yes, MORE japanese food. Syoks!

Like sister... like sister.

The cousins playing Bluff.

The punishment.

And the boredom.

10 05: mummy day

Craft for mother's day. I came up with this brilliant idea to put a few present options in a hat so my mum could pick 3. Genius, i know! *tears* So she got Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs and a nice meal. I've no idea where the money come from lah, but we'll get it. Somehow. lol :D

Started out with helping in nursery class. My favorite kids remembered my name!! As in, they actually said SophiRA not NA. Ohmygawrsh proud moment plz.


Caleb! My other fave besides Brandon. hee!


Meet Christine.

This is her pose.

And us together with her :D

Sigh. I wish i could take them home.

And i just got back from a family dinner -- at a japanese restaurant omg. I think i've been having too much japanese food... and rice. *beats tummy* Dum dee doo.

Oh shucks, work work work.

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