Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No place like home! (44)

Omg dem lazy to blog, sorry. I've been meaning to type something here but it's like... aah, can't be bothered to upload pictures, much less type anything. Yeah i know, and i'm gonna study journalism soon. Brilliant, no? D:

Right. Soo, about Camerons. I went there during the weekend to celebrate my dear popoh's 80th birthday. All of my Australian relatives had flown down (lol they sound like birds) specially for this, so it was pretty awesome. The only thing that sucked was the location. It was really far and eventhough we set out in the morning, we only arrived at around 4? Geez. Like driving to Sg, just sitting and stoning in the car for hours. Very tiring ok!?

But, gotta love the cold weather there. Syok like anything.

Uh, this is not in Camerons, but i likes it :D Thank you, ahma!

The view from our room. When we got there, my cousins and all were already planning on walking to the pasar malam. I've gotta say... i really hate walking there lor. It's like everyone's rushing and pushing like as if some comet is gonna hit the place if they don't buy enough stuff or something.

Um. Yeah.

Like mother, like daughter?

This strawberry umbrella that almost EVERY person owns in Camerons. My gosh, everywhere you look, somebody's having a strawberry umbrella. My sis wanted me to get one -.-

Oh. On the way there kan, there were signs:

Bee Farm. Free Admission. Pick your own strawberries.

Cameron humor? ngek~ :D

After the market, we headed straight off to some restaurant for steamboat. There were fishballs, whiskey mixed with lemonade, and of course... yaaaam sengggg!!!

Popoh, cousins, the pink three.

Then there were late-night karaoke sessions, picture-taking, compulsive mangosteen-eating (that's me lah, HEH), family bonding, joke telling, etc blah. It was just a tiring but fun night.

The Sophs.

The Chongs.

This is the scene in the cousin dorm while the parents are dancing around downstairs -- playing Ginrami, only without the money ;D
Everyone hit the sheets at around 2 AM. I know, not exactly late per se, but everyone was exhausted lah. It was just too rushed and one night wasn't enough. Oh well.

Next morning, it was time to pack up and head home. Short vaca ftl ):

This is the place we stayed there, yeah. Don't go there ok? d:

So yeah, that's about it. Before i go, here's Jaeda for you, showing her...

Pocoyo face!

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