Friday, June 26, 2009

The One and Only (43)

Today was supposed to be a good day after such a long time of loss, problems here and there, all sorts of crap, lah. I mean, it's still a good day, i guess, cause this little punky here has finally invaded our home:

Rawr. I love how small and cute she is now, following my sis (her mom) around the house, getting all kinds of excited. I can't believe we finally have her and my sis here for 3 months. Big big sarang!

On the other hand, yet another tragedy just had to happen today..

The death of Michael Joe Jackson.

I was freakin shocked when i heard the news. This is the guy whom i have always adored since i was a kid watching Thriller on tv. This is the only guy who would ever top Rain, to me. When i was like 13, i learned his You Rock My World dance. I used to have lame crazy moments where i'd watch his videos and listen to his songs non-stop for weeks. When i was younger, i also used to pray that he (or Michael Flatley) would come to Malaysia. lol?

I'll bet there will be people who will try to be him, try to imitate and be a 'better version' of him. But you know that's impossible and there will never be another Michael Jackson.

You know it.

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Rachel said...

The timing of MJ's death in impeccable. All of us are still reeling over the loss of Vern, and now MJ. Right timing isn't it? *sighs in exasperation*. I am still in shock. MJ was the ultimate musical legand. Irreplaceable, and unforgettable.

By the way, you niece looks so adorable! Shes growing up fast. I hope you blog more about her. I love kids! =D