Friday, July 10, 2009

The Epic Return of RowAnd (47)

Golly gutentag, i finally managed to upload all (ok lies - MOST) of the photos. Sorry for not updating much but it's been a tiring past few weeks, what with my sis and Jaeda around then Ro's visit here for a week. But at least i'm kind of free of boredom till mid Sept, then my sis goes back. Killjoy. D:

Also, i'm planning on getting a part time job.. still thinking and hesitating about it though. Because 1) i want to spend as much time with my sis as i can cause everything's so fun and dandy when she's here, and 2) i'm too dam lazy. HEH. But no worries, i'll stop being a potato soon. *cough*

030709 the arrival

This girl here wanted us to meet up with her after she arrived BUT RIGHT, she slept and slept and forgot to wake up, leaving poor Zoe and i waiting in both hotel lobbies (we weren't sure. I bet we looked dem jakun) for over an hour. But anyway, we snacked at Sakae Sushi first. Nomnom.

:D We hung out and Nina joined us after.

What did we do? Ah, eat curry puff, laugh, live, looove, huhu.

040709 visiting vern

It was... really weird. And hard. I would say more but i don't really know the words? and i don't think i should or want to. Not right now anyway. But it was good to see you again. I missed you, buddy. And it was freaking hot. Rawr.

The girls and you.

After, we decided to head off to KFC before going to Vern's place.

Kiddy table ftw!

Later at night, i met up with Vonn and Ro at Vern's again to watch videos. I swear, you're so cute you put those bola-bola things in World of Goo to shame. And they're VERY cute. Heehee. :)
Then it was sleepover time at Vonn's.

Our passports! :D:D

Our beautiful faces at around 5:30 AM.

Don't they look so glaaaam?

050709 sunway lagoon

Ack, i don't even remember the last time i went to the water park, but for a semi-unhygienic place lacking of water rides, it was pretty awesome. At least, we had a fun time lah. And we saw hairy buttocks, WOOH!

Woosh~ sunsilk!

You don't look fat here, ok?

I've been getting poked too many times for the past few days, haiyo.

Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market.

Bry Lai. Oho, that rhymes. Brylai brylai.

Yes, we give Tumtums a lot of love. There are more pictures, but i lazy to upload, ok.

070709 time capsule

We were supposed to write letters for ourselves (something i failed to do) and for others and put it inside some big so we could bury it in Zoe's garden. Then we shall dig it up 5 years later and read them letters. So brilliant, no? Honestly, i have my doubts, but i really hope it works out.

May the plastic last.

Blur, but we still look very hardworking.

Us plus Vonn. She went back early ):


Boys will be... something....


Spastic heroes~

Dan and Zoe


Jon Chan

And on to...


And finally, the main attraction of the night...

Tum tums :)

080709 goodbye tumtum

Dan, Zoe, Ro and i went to have 2 lunches at different places. Yaaay, sashimi :D The night before, Ro stayed over and we had... um. It would've been good bonding time if she hadn't fallen asleep. Grarar. But then i realized how fun Would You Rather is. ngek.

Happy people.


Yeah, that's about it. Now i have to go play choh dai di and crash. Good night. Oh, but before i go, i must give a little shout out...

I'm missing you alreadyyy!!

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