Saturday, August 29, 2009


Eh, hi! I don't know why, but a lot of people have been asking me like, am I excited about my birthday, am I celebrating, etc. But I don't feel anything and well.. i'm not even sure whether i'm celebrating o_o Well! It doesn't really matter cause I have craploads of movies and shows to indulge in, courtesy of the kor-in-law. And I'm gonna force my family to watch with me. I already started with my dad HEH.

"I wonder if Korkor got 17 Again."
"Did he get it the first time?"



I'm just happy cause after this I can finally go for bengkel, get my L, endanger innocent citizens with my le suuuperawesome driving skillz. :D Wuhuuu!

Oh, and I decided to start my project 365 all over again, starting tomorrow. Cause it's kinda messed up and hard to keep track of since i'm posting it all on my blog. So clashy, I don't like. Check it out ok? Hopefully in the process I'll improve my photography skills and well.. make my life less of a humdrum.

Sam, yuk, oh - 3, 6, 5 in Sino-Korean. Someone else took the link I wanted, pft. And it's so tempting cause Tumblr's templates are prettier than Blogger's. Heh.

K cheerio!

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