Friday, September 18, 2009

Back on track

*picks up phone* Gong Gong, come back. Ask Gong Gong come back play play.
Gong Gong shee shee.
Ok! See you! Bye!

Haiyaaa, silly Gong Gong.

Okay, so I'm finally getting used to the 'sounds of silence'. Except for the drilling noise. Why didn't it go along with my sis to Australia, pfft. And I'm mostly on my own again, learning to love my own company, fending for myself in this large cruel world.. Anything can happen when you're at home >.> Anyway! The week started out with anticipating the men's finals in the US Open. Yes, I'm a tennis-watcher geek. The actual playing will come later.

That's me watching Nole vs FedEx at around 6AM in the morning. My sis thought I was kidnapped cause I wasn't in the room nuts, but eh, it's kinda like watching WC. Except this is tennis. Ok? Ok! So I can actually say that the week started out with disappointment and ended with disappointment. For starters, Djokovic lost. But in all honesty, Federer is a really good player with strong mentality and gameplay.

Dam you Fed, dam youuuu!

Oh, I failed to mention. The night before, we decided to have a late-night bowling session! I felt a bit pai seh at first cause I've not played bowling since I was 13? I don't know, it's been super long. But just for the fun of it, we formed 2 teams to challenge against each other.
Team Gorgeous Andri: Sophina and Andrew (brother-in-law)
Team Awesome Tony: Sophira and Tony (dad)

I was pretty psyched, I mean, my dad used to play in a team years ago. And it wasn't just any team of like, overweight, unemployed, middle-aged men. (Though, I can't say much about the first and latter =p HAHA, kidding) They were the real deal. They were like the Alpha Male of bowling, and they even had their own special balls. Well. You know what I mean.


So, yeah, I was all pumped, got my 9 pound ball ready, with my game face on.

You read to loooose!?!

Thing is, I kinda forgot that eventhough my dad was rockin awesome and all.... I, on the other hand, sucked. I've only gotten a strike once before and well..let's just say I would go better off with my gung ho PC shooter games.
My pa and I lost the first set D: But no fear! WE WILL BRING IT!

Eh, I was just warming up ok >.>

Happy spectators

Unfortunately, we lost the second game as well. But I did better, I did! I totally brought it! My score was higher than the one before and we only lost by like what, 2 points? So, I was happy again and jumped around my dad, going all "Eh pa! I did pretty good! Aren't you proud of me? :D"

....I guess not.

The week continued, we did almost all the things my sis and kor wanted to do before they left. Shop, dinner with grandma, eat that coffee shop man's awesome traditional fried chicken, go pasar malam, play badminton, lunch at Kanan Curry House, go for combat, complete Trine, etc...

@ Curve

And then came the goodbyes.

It's funny how only at the end of something we realize how fast time flies. I can't believe that they were around for 3 months already and now they were gonna go. I wanted to like, bomb Australia. ):

I miss you all already ):

But I'm still really happy that they were here. I love it when my family's together. It's like I don't really have to stress about so many other things and I know for sure I'm gonna go through it with them. Even with just my sis gone down-under, it still feels like a huge part of us is missing. I guess in a way it's good.. that it teaches me how to treasure my own kin and the time I have with them.

Cause in the end, I know that blood is thicker than anything else.

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