Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Love-Like Post #1

How love was like down in KL...

Love like sexy hotel rooms

Love like massive bathrooms IN the sexy hotel rooms

Love like awesome disco reading lights

Love like big fluffy pillows

Love like serene deco to pose at

Love like Jaeda wearing my polo shirt

Love like one screwed up lookin bunny

Love like taking it Vonn style ;)

Love like chequer shorts which I did not get to buy!

Love like tea time at Jackie Chan's cafe

Love like 'being at peace' in the middle of the cafe =p

Love like FOOOOOOD!!

Exception - hate like disrespectful graffiti on historic landmark D:

Seriously though, I've always wanted to take a nice picture of Pudu prison because of the little bit of Malaysian history behind it which I don't actually find 'boring', for once. But seeing all that graffiti just totally spoils it. It makes me feel like suckerpunching them people. Don't get me wrong; I actually like graffiti. Just not on things that bear significance and meaning to a place/country.
Besides that, I actually wanted to take a lot of food pictures and post this like a 'Food Adventure in KL' kinda thing (hence the particular concept in the food photos), but I guess I was too busy eating. Sorryla :D

Oh, and lastly...

Can you guess which is juice and which is alcohol? :)

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