Sunday, October 25, 2009

"I want nine thousand zero points!"

I think it's becoming a weird habit of my family's - leaving me alone at home all at the same time. It's like as if it's planned or something. "Oh let's leave Fun at home again cos it's so fun to see her keep ordering pizza and cooking nissin noodle for lunch and getting FAT." Like, why you all do this to me!? Stocking up on Dominos vouchers does make me happy but it just reminds me of the coming blubber that I'm gonna have to embrace. Ro says my metabolism destroys friendship with fats. It'd better be true. ):

But anyway, apart from that, today yet another Children's Day party has passed and we have successfully planted ecstatic smiles on little adorable children. :D We had the usual: paper craft, food craft (my favorite), songs, games. Yep, that's the whole shebang. Tiring much, but I still had fun. I've been a teacher in nursery class for about 5 years now and it still never fails to up my spirits, in whatever condition i'm in. You'll never find any other soul that's as genuine, sincere, spontaneously awesome as a young boy or girl. Except for the annoying naughty ones. HAHA. =p

I can't wait for VBS. More shirt-signing to come!

Joseph (he finally grew!) and Ashley
....I love my check pants =X

Helping Josiah out :))



Addison (the boy who keeps talking to me about Ben 10, forgets that he did the next week, and proceeds to tell me.... again), Sarah, Natalie

My "Hehe I like you also la!" CALEB! :)

Earth's Little Hero, Isaac. The smallest and cutest 3 year old I've ever known.


"Everyone say pizza!"


I'm loving it. :D

♫ Rewind - Paolo Nutini

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Vonn said...

omg. elena!!! and i missed vbs this year!!! i think i'm gonna miss it next year too T_T i'm so child deprived! rawr! when is your vbs until tho? pontenging tmr kan?