Monday, October 12, 2009

My date with the IT guy

Hello all. I'm a sad excuse for a blogger, I know, but what to do la ok. My life is like a cup (make that a very small-ish cup), that when you drink out all the fun, you have to wait quite a while for a refill.

HEHEHE, ok that didn't really make sense. But anyway, all I've been up to is watching lots of 3rd Rock from the Sun, random movies here and there, gym, and staying off the internet. Well, that's because I don't exactly have internet YET.

Darn those lousy Malaysian IT guys. Like, they don't even show any determination, or even at least attempt to, when it comes to trying to fix a problem that a customer has. I'm not so much asking for damn kao friendly behavior or all happy googly eyes that practically scream "I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE" because that would be quite... scary.

No, more like, effort. All a customer wants is a little effort from the person who is supposed to help you out. Isn't it his job, anyway?

So the other day, I took my Linksys router to digital mall cause I wanted the guy to set it up for me. I was trying in vain to do the settings myself. You know, all those boxes say the same thing: "Never fixed a router? It's okay, no worries! Just 3 easy steps and you're ready to surf the net!"

But then right, they never told you that in those 3 steps, there are probably many other steps that gave birth to mini baby steps. And besides, I got tired of asking myself, "Hmmm If I were a security encryption key, what would I be....."


The guy did the settings in like 5 minutes. Then he handed it back to me and mumbled a few things that I could barely understand, much less HEAR. I would have to put my ear right at his mouth to catch his words and trust me, that would just be kinda gay.

Cause he looked like a girl. A very... manly. Girl. o___o

ANYWAY. He was just saying things like: "Ah, then you... you see this small button inside there? Yeah... the red light... yeah. Just press the reset button. Ah, then got light. Red light. Ah, just like the something something modem something light....."

By then, all I could remember was red light. And I'm still not even sure whether he meant the router or modem. I got really frustrated, especially since my questions didn't seem to go inside his ear and connect to his brain that will process some beneficial instructions for me.

IT man: Ah, so, ok? Can already.
Me: Okay, um. Can I ask you one more question?
IT man: Yes?
Me: Can I punch you?

IT man: Ah, so, ok? Can already.
Me: Uhuh.
IT man: Just bring it back if there are problems.
Me: Ya, sure. *death stare*

Oh, and one more thing.

The reset button doesn't have a friggin red light.

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