Friday, November 13, 2009

Sugar, birthday, and more sugar

Hey. I'm not exactly in the greatest of moods because...
well. If I told you, i'm gonna have to kill you. And I can't be bothered to do that with so many people. =p Anyway, here are some pictures from yesterday.

Heh, I just love breaking the No Photography rule in Deeper & Harder.
It's not our fault la okay, they put the pretty things there for us to take photos.
It can't be helped, i'm sorry. lol.

And yes, I darkened the specs lenses. It looks better as sunnies, hee.

Lunch at Zanmai, one of the closest to heaven for sushi-eating maniacs.
See this Zoe. Haven't even ordered yet already got food on the table.
tsk tsk.

The only pic I took with Vonn yesterday -_-

Then we went into Sticky which is a shop identical to Suga, which is in Australia.
Suga's the place everyone must go to when they're in down-under. Why?
Because of this!

The oh nyomnyom rock candy that you can get only from there.
Also cause they make the candy right in front of you so it's pretty interesting.
So i'm kinda psyched that they opened one right here, in 1u. The only thing is that is damn ex.

18.90 ringgit for a small amount and most of it is because it's in a glass jar!?
Wth. Burn my wallet only. D=

That's the con though. The pro is that they sell the cast-offs as well.
It's not small, round and cute but it's only 7 bucks.

My wallet is ressurected =D

We chatted with the two guys working there (one of em being the huge Australian guy who
apparently likes air drumming. He can be in my air band. *grins*) and they told us to stick around for the candy-making. So stick around, we did.

Pouring the super hot sugar out.

Brushing in the colouring and white... powdery.... stuff. o_o

Cutting it up.

And this, ladies, is how you make wigs. =O

The part you heard about Chinamen collecting hairs from various people (...and bodies?)
and putting it together is all a lie. It's actually made from... sugar.

Le gasp.

After all the rolling and pulling, you get....

Mango rock candy!!

Indeed it is, Vonn.

After that AWESOME show of the process, we bought one packet of the cast-off (which Vonn
proceeded to drop onto the ground / escalator continuously while walking and making it quite
hard to walk beside her. Or know her. facepalm. I still love you though ahahaha)
and walked around. Like we alwasy do.

Oh yeah. Meg walked in while we were in the toilet.


Find out soon.

Then the stalker Megan bought us Baskins. =D

Nice shot, Zoe? =p
Looks like I smelt something bad. Maybe like this.


While waiting for failed lomo processed photos. (I feel your pain)

And lastly, Meg's failed photography. I don't know whether she was aiming for Zoe
and Vonn. Or Fruits Fool. Haih.

That's it, for now. I'mma go bury my head under my pillows now.
I hate drilling and knocking noises. Especially when it seems to be done in a certain beat.

♫ You've Got What It Takes - Michael Buble

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