Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night

I'll post more photos soon, just not now. Still have one more day of VBS to go and I've sunk into a deep level of sleep deprivation. Last night just added to it thanks to Ro who didn't allow me to get a shut-eye til 4:30 AM.

I know. I have such loving friends. =p

But despite feeling so tired, I'm still enjoying myself lots. Being surrounded by kids and getting hugs all the time... how to not love? And we'll be going to the ostrich farm tomorrow morning. I'm just looking forward to walking on the eggs and getting MOAR HUGS! :D:D:D

Kay la, I need to KO now. I'll be back.

♫ Promise (약속) - A.N.JELL


Rachel said...

Hey, thats a picture of my sister's bedroom in our house! =D

sophira chong said...

Yup :) Your house still looks exactly the same as before except for the plastic wrappings :p