Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun times with peanut butter


Hello, hello. So lately it feels like as if I've been stuck in some kind of continuum, time reprise, or something. Like I'm reliving the same day over and over. I'm just really glad the year's coming to an end, in other words, for me, it's time for the old reboot. Another chance to push myself forward, strive for something new, procrastinate stop procrastinating and looking forward to MORE ANG PAOOOs!

Uh, I mean, COLLEGE!

Also, I've not been writing. At all. I used to spend my time writing/typing and weaving stories straight from the heart and pure imagination. Short stories, long stories, stories without an ending, stories that were wishful, fiction, amusing... personal. Though I never let anyone actually read it (except for Yewyew who "accidentally" opened one of my pieces that actually doubled as a DIARY ENTRY. Malu case.) but it was just for me to keep and hopefully remember to reread and perfect it a few more years down the road. Writing was like a personal whim for me.

However, to compensate for that, I've been reading to pass the hours. I guess it can also be considered as a small kind of motivation or drive for me and creativity (or what little amount I have of it left =p). But I doubt i'll be writing anytime soon. I don't know. It's just a feeling.

Ooh but I used to jot down poems too! There was this Idiot poem I wrote when I was 6.

Roses in her hair,
Bottles in her nose,
She looks like an idiot,
Wherever she goes.

HAHA. My parents are so proud of me.

Anyway, yesterday I followed my dad and sis to Megamall to check out the IT convention there. It was more of cameras, phones, random other things and gadgets, totally lacking on the computers and Windows 7. But I came out with a free hair styler set so who's to complain? =p Honestly, I still don't know why the guys there just suka-suka drag in anyone they see lor. Like I'm only 17 ok, it's not like I'm gonna go "hmmm yes, I do feel like purchasing an aircon today".

So then after that, we went to this cafe (didn't bother to get the name, luls) and my dad ordered this awesome toast set for two. I mean, it was just a normal thing la: bread, coffee, etc. But their condiments right, came in tubes. =O I dem syok sendiri when I saw it like all "Zomg TUUUUBES!"


So then I proceeded to happily draw on his toast and I can safely say that it is easier to draw with kaya than it is with peanut butter or raspberry. Peanut butter looks like shit. And raspberry comes out like shit. No kidding.

Me with my sad, about-to-be-eaten-by-father toast and spaz smile =D

My creation.

Dad's creation.

I was saaaad when there was no more bread and I was contemplating on whether to take home the last tube but we were like, wtv lah. Come back here again and draw-draw somemore. Tee hee. Oh, but when I got home and opened my bag, I found something. What is thissss?

Now, I wonder, how did that get in there? ;)


vonn said...

omg..i wanna visit that place too! D: HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THE NAME OF THAT PLACE IF IT HAS PEANUT BUTTER AND KAYA IN TUBES?!!!!!!!!!!!!

and obviously you bring the condiments home. EVEN ASK FOR MORE TUBES OF IT BECAUSE YOU NEED MORE! then you put them in your bags and squeeze some out when you're hungry..or on sleeping people in the train..omgggggg

sophira chong said...

uwah, you still comment in here! i like :D

i never knew the name of that place but i remember it clearly as the cafe that hardly anyone goes to on the ground floor in Gardens. i can't imagine why though. they have tubes. :O

ahaha noted. will get more next time. or we could go there during your hols WUUUU :D