Monday, November 16, 2009

You're So Lamb :)

I'm about to go fry somemore prata bread (ohhhh nyomnyom) so I'm just gonna quickly post this up so I don't seem like I'm... dying. And like, I have this red bump thing under the ball of my foot which hurts a little because I had to wear my sister's high heels (Lord knows how many inches) and walk all over Curve last night. Haih. It suffers to be a girl. Especially a girl who only wears heels and dresses like twice a year.

...I'm not a boy, shutup Julian. ):

Anyway, two days ago, I finally got to go to Fullhouse. And I've always wanted to ever since I saw pretty pictures of the place from various people and zomg it's all white how to resist? I wanna go back again! :D I didn't get to see the things and clothes properly. (jom, Chef and Ahma, let's goo!)

Pretty or not!?


I want the clothes cause it's made from Korea and
I already have enough clothes made from China. =p

You seeee. Comel like anything.

Then I noticed on the right side of the restaurant,
there's a wall full of doodley-like pictures.

Which led to this...

which led to this....

which led to this......

which led to this........

.....and, yeah. :D

Before heading home.

If Fullhouse was much nearer, confirm wanna work there lor. Then the next thing you know, all the stuff from there's gone, TEE HEE. :)

Ew, I smell rotten potatoes.

Oh and, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE IS FLYING BACK TONIGHT. Roanne Lau, I will be waiting! It'll be such a reunion, especially at GRC's awards night. Omg. Sexy party time!

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