Friday, December 25, 2009

Beauty is magic, gimme a break!

I know lah, dem late to blog right now but...i don't really wanna sleep yet? But I'll probably die on my bed later. Heh. Anyway! Christmas Eve was spent at Chef's, getting high on hunger alone, watching turtles TORTOISES get their share of... hrm hrm pleasure ;) And watching Japanese movies that make no sense at all but it's so cute til the story's not important anymore. (Ponyo!) Well, at least I learnt something today.

...5 year olds should not be allowed to fall in love with fish.
I feel 10 times wiser already.

Oh oh oh OOOHHH guess what I got today!?






Doesn't it make you want to abandon babies and get a complete collection instead?!?!?
(Please don't abandon your babies.
...they can get you dooodolls when they grow up)

Selcas with my sexy thing that is named.... Zonny.
I know, most retarded name ever. That's what happens when you join these two together:

HEEE. I love you guys :')

Zoe, Zonny, ....Zof.

Seriously though, thank you, Danny and Ah ma! Especially considering how obsessed I am over that doodoll. My life is not complete yet, without the giant one. Maybe that should be one of my new year resolutions -- get the huge doodoll. And then, world domination.


Oh and, before I forget...
a veli meli kerisumasu to eberywan!

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