Monday, December 21, 2009

매일 매일

Wooh, 4 days to christmas! I feel more stressed than excited now, cause my sis and I are taking the initiative to buy the gifts for everyone (family and friends) so it's all like, aah, what to buy for who and who likes what and what is this. We also have another 3 cousins from the other side, who barely speak at all. I should get them pen and paper so they can write to me what they want. :p

Ok la, not so bad...
..maybe a magnetic drawing board.....

1812 konica 3d

I don't know why, but my mum suddenly gave me a 10 year old disposable japanese 3D cam. And I'm not even really sure what that means. It prints out 3D pictures? Do I have to wear 3D glasses to see? Can it SPEAK TO ME!?


Oh, and I can't even use it, by the way. Cause can only develop the pictures in Japan. Ooh, good reason to travel then....

1912 mr handsome
I followed my sis and Honwai out to do some christmas shopping. Very unsuccessful. But fun, nonetheless. Also, hot mixed guy spotted in Kiehls. :D Withbadbreath BUT, his face makes up for it. Totally. Oh, I also spotted this in Kiehls.

A wall filled with random signatures and polaroids ♥
And after shopping and gym, Honwai took us to this place that served

....cone pizzas, zomg. It's like ice-cream.
But with no ice. And cream.

2012 <-- oh lol, i just noticed the date
Annual kids christmas party! Ah, the usuals, registration, songs, christmas carols, games, craft, food, ciao. Next year's gonna be different though. A lot of them are heading over to the older class. Sad ):


Some 3 year old I can't remember his name!

Um um... Ali? o__o

Jun Weng, Alex, and um... Ali (?)



Aw, I wanna take them home.

2112 cupido

No, wait. Not this.


AAAAHHH, I want a cupido doodoll for christmas prz and thank you.
And sorry, I'm kinda rushing through this post because I'm sleepy. And I brought my mum to Kiehls but the hot mixed guy wasn't working. He probably could sense us and ran away. So we went to another shop. And I saw a buff guy. With thick make up. And fake mini boobs. And his pinkies were sticking up higher than the Eiffel Tower.

I think a small part of me died just then.


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