Friday, December 11, 2009

Twenty Twelve

I finally got to watch 2012 with the parents today.
I'm still wondering why the random chinese girls who sit beside me in cinemas just have to bother me in some small way. I swear, I'm not being the whiny. She kept staring at me suddenly, particularly when I was eating my M&Ms. WANT TO STEAL ISIT!? D:

Anyway, honestly, it didn't strike me as much as I thought it would. Cause you know, after the movie, everyone was like, talking about how much it made them think about death and how the world would end and especially how we'd die. I mean, this movie was just adding to the existing news or rather, controversy, that something huge is gonna happen to our world in 2012. It's not too surprising for me because basically I believe what humans have been doing all along was abusing the earth every second of the day. But I guess I choose to be equidistant between falling for men's calculations and thinking that the world will last fine long after 2012.

Just as long as I'm ready, when it comes.
Well, if you're on the same wavelength of thought as me, you'd know what I mean. :p

Anyway, I thought the movie was good, but the characters? not so much. You know, usually every world disaster movie has at least one or two annoying wanna-chop-off-their-head-paste-back-and-chop-again characters? This movie seemed to multiply them. Lol. I only liked two people: John Cusack because he's John Cusack and the monk because he's cute. :D

And I can't wait to catch this next....

Sherlock Holmes, woo!

어떡하죠 - Jang Geun Suk

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