Monday, December 28, 2009

Why So Serious?

Rawr! Just a quick post before I go off to bed, cause, I just finished watching the Dark Knight a while ago so I'm still feeling pretty awake.

Ah, the Dark Knight. Never fails to leave me dazed in awe. It's probably the only movie where I find myself more engrossed in the conversation rather than in the action. Amazingly enough, I've only seen it once before and I still remember every single detail according to the sequence of the movie.

The thing is, I've been reading myriads of professional reviews and personal opinions on the movie and I don't know why but, tons of people find it excruciatingly boring and that it lacks in worth. Well, I guess everyone has their own views, but for a person like me... how can you not love the script? Unless, the people who thought it'd be a movie to be laughed at 10 years from now, didn't fully grasp the impact of the words and the story itself. And by words, clearly, I mean mainly what The Joker said. So it's either that, or they're into a completely different genre of movies because somehow, Dark Knight/Chris Nolan was compared to Titanic/James Cameron a lot.

That's like comparing how nice this dress is to how nice it'd be to watch a monkey cycling while juggling bananas. Cause Dark Knight is TOTALLY like Titanic right. They both have, umm, unglam villains? (if you thought the bad guy in Titanic was hot, please slap yourself)


I imagined a monkey cycling with bananas EHEHEHEHE.


I love watching movies. And I love watching movies that stimulates thought, even way after the movie ends. Obviously, for me, Dark Knight is one of them.

Do you have a movie like that for you?

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Max Liew said...

Ya...ZOhan Is Nice...^ ^ Adam Standler..Love that Guy..