Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Should Polaroid My Door Too

That makes me feel like revamping the look of my room. Look at that door! I WANT! ):
I've always loved my room ever since I moved in though. Because 1) it is the most cooling room in my whole condo unit, 2) it's not too big and not too small, 3) it only has two windows so it's less obvious when I open one and stalk people at the pool, and 4) it's mine, d'oh, that clearly wraps up everything. :D

But I've never been satisfied with the arrangements, like my bed, table, etc. And I hate the fact that somehow, even when I stuff as many things into my drawers/cupboards, it still looks like as if I have a lot of crap lying around. Obviously, I am dem jealous of those people who seem to have nothing in their room and it's completely immaculate. (Actually everything's forced into the cupboard, ready to burst out HEHEHEHE JOKING. But seriously.)

Anyway, here are some pictures that I was too lazy to get out of my cam til now from the reunion on the 2nd. It didn't feel like a reunion though, cause so many people were missing -_- Ok maybe not that many but it FELT like it. Plus all that went on was dinner and Blackjack.

Note-to-self: remember to take Pictionary and more Chipster next time.
And a little bit of selfishness so I won't be too kind with the Chipster. D:

That ball of fur is Bravo.
That hand is Julian poking at Bravo's eyeballs.

If I'm ever a dog that belongs to Julian...
please kill me.

Chef, obsessed with Lumines Blocks.

Them playing 21 and me, spectating.
Because I'm a good girl and mummy told me to never talk to strangers.


Poor Diamond.

♫ Let's Just Fall In Love Again - Jason Castro

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