Friday, January 29, 2010

Wonderful Day

I feel so lazy to update lah omg D:
Besides that, the week has been pretty good to me. I finally can say that I'm gonna start work next week, helping my dad with random things in the office. Proofread, edits, research, all that officey shebang. Then probably help out with the GRC juniors, who knows. All that I'm happy is about is that I actually have PLANS. aerklhjealhoanjbh I HAVE PLANS. Pigs can finally fly. :')

And to not let my post seem so short, I shall upload a video. A video that you all must watch. Because it makes me happy, and if you're sad, it'll make you happy. And even if you're not sad and you're just fine and all then...... JUST WATCH IT LAH OK.

I am attracted to pretty things. @__@

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