Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zon And Joe

Okay, wait, before I start...

This is the Domokun letter I made for Zoe. TELL ME IT'S AWESOME. I KNOW. I THINK IT'S AWESOME TOO. I was tempted to keep it. Hee. Okay, so, moving on.

Last Saturday, a whole bunch of us celebrated Zoe and Jon's birthday at some place that looked like No Man's Land except for when you got INTO the parking lot. Seems to be more happening there. Cause, you know, cars know how to party hard. Anywaaay, it was all hunky dory though I kinda regret not getting to know the other people. Plus I felt that everytime I got up, I needed to pee.

Small bladders are so cute. >_>

But it was fun, nonetheless. And I just realized this is Zoe's first bday party outside of her house. Quite a few of my childhood memories involved her birthday parties and anything else that we did there. We used to have a cubby where we hid and played and composed songs and wrapped old phones with duct tape. :D Amazing. Pictures!

Congratulations on your wedding!

First couple of the night

Second couple of the night

So I don't know what this is. Lol. :p

The So-Called, The Onion and The Bry

Don't we look like hobbits? :D

And I'm currently in happiness mode now because 1) Djokovic is playing tomorrow, 2) I just saw him and Nadal do a chest bump, 3) I finally found another book worth reading, and 4) I have the car to myself for 4 days. I know, kinda short-lived but eh, freedom is still freedom. And I am indeed enjoying the little things. :)

Now, I'm too hungry to function so bai.

♫ Seoul (서울시홍보송) - Suju & SNSD

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