Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Beautiful Bedroom, I Miss You

Oh, man, I really have no mood to blog or type or wtv these days. I just wanna go around and read other people's stuff, look at food pictures and think of more ingenious things to do besides playing playdoh, sticking things on my wall and putting encouraging post-it notes on random places. (which, I have not gotten around to doing yet...)

Though, I've been forced to hold things up like that for now because I don't even have my own residing room at the moment. And won't have for the next 4 weeks. Not even the toilet, before 12am. Do you know how depressing that is? IT'S LIKE A FRICKEN PEEING SCHEDULE. T_T

But yeah, that does, actually, make me feel depressed because, I love my bedroom. Heck, who doesn't?? The relationship you have with your bedroom is like the relationship you have with your favorite pet dog. You honestly love it to your dying day, no matter where it is, but despite that, you can't be bothered to clean it all the time (don't deny, you know your room is germ infested and it is dirty in at least one corner. If it isn't, it is on the ceiling HAH!).

Not only that, you like it a certain breed, a certain color. It has its own smell. You just wanna be around it all the time and as if it as feelings, it seems to want only you too. To you, it's the best among the rest. And no matter where you go, you'll always love coming back to it.

Except for Meggu's room. I love it more than mine. But that's not the point.

See, currently I don't even have a dog but I do know how it feels. I used to have one years back and its name was Faith and she was a Boxer and she could shake hands. ^_^v

But moving on.

As the youngest, I always have to be the one to give up my room anyway, be it the visitor my grandma, my other grandma, relatives, sister... it never fails to be me. And there I am, left to choose my new "pet dog". The sister's, (aelkwjgh), the living room's (aweklgjraohi), or the parent's (AWLKRGJAOEHITJLEAKHLJQIEROHWHATCHEESESRSLY).

Isn't it just swell being me?


Therefore, children. Dog = bedroom.
And don't forget to eat your vegetables. Or else tomorrow will be your worst day, the love of your life will die, and a retarded clown will stab you from behind in 15 mins. NGAHAHAHAHA !

But seriously.

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