Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just, Words

One, i'm guilty of becoming almost Gleek-like :/ Honestly, it isn't like whoah drop dead awesome (because Scrubs + BBT are my laughter suppliers already) but it's seriously addictive okay. Like after I watch one, I have to watch another. And then another and another and another. The only thing that's breaking the cycle is that I watch faster than I download.

Damn you, 10kbps of doom. If my popoh was a dl rate, she'd pwn it by like, 500kbps.

dianna agron is like a doll.....not made of china.

Two, I need to go shopping! Well, actually I kind of started already but I suck at it? I don't know. I've never been a shopper and the love for it eludes me. But I need new things (like slippers. I swear, I can literally feel each tile on the ground as I walk. It'll probably disintegrate under my feet one day) and I don't like shopping alone. Makes me feel so....

Three, I think i'm slowly becoming one with my chair. If bladders didn't exist, I just might 'grow' on to my seat like, you know, that lady whose butt grew onto the toilet bowl after sitting on it for 2 years.

...actually, now to think of it again, it's pretty dem funny AHAHA. :X

Four, why is it so hard to get oreos? The only time I remember to buy them is when i'm in my room and unable to go downstairs to the shop because of all the sweaty old potential rapists (i'm sorry, but you just can't trust anyone with a willy these days. Not even that cat, over there) lurking in the quiet hallways I have to pass through in order to get there.

And somehow, I just can't remember to buy them when I go out. Wth. I have a memory of a sweet potato.

Five, where can I find nice shorts?

Six, where can I find nice chequered shorts?

Seven, why is the sky blue?

Reminder: Get those darn oreos. And that Pride & Prejudice & Zombies book.

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