Monday, February 1, 2010

Live High

I finally found what I was looking for YAY.
Now, all I need is for this song to go on about 2 hours more so I can play it softly in the background as I'm reading HEH. Fat chance. :/ Actually, why do people say fat chance? What does that even mean? My chance is fat? Aren't fat people usually happy people? Unless they're obese. Obese chance. Heh hehehe heheh.

PS. I have nothing against fat people ok. >_>
PPS. Jason Mraz is too sexy to be mistaken for a girl.
PPPS. Sorry for the short impromptu posts, not that I actually planned my previous posts... but yeah. I'm temporarily representing all of society's laziness so until I retire, bear with me. I'll probably think of something good.

One of these days.

♫ You Make It Real - James Morrison

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