Sunday, February 21, 2010


Wau, have I been mia for the past few days. Well it's cause the internet's been down and I have no idea why but it suddenly works again which is GREAT. Because then I won't have to put up with more streamyx service people who could possibly send me to my death bed earlier than I thought. I mean, I tried talking to this lady and I had to give her my username right.

Me: N, for Norway.
Annoying Girl Who Is Insanely Blur: M, for Malaysia?
Me: No no, ENNNN, for Norway.
Annoying Girl Who Is Insanely Blur: N.... Uhhhh...
Me: Please tell me you know how to spell Norway.

And a bunch of other stuff too but I can't be bothered to put down the whole conversation cause it would just make her seem....stupid-SO ANYWAY. I've been spending my time running here and there, doing random things with my sis and niece as much as I can. And I never realized how much of a whole I feel that my family is now. I mean, only one of my sister lives in Australia but it's so entirely different when she's here with us. Or maybe it's just me since I'm such an at-home person. :/

Also, I had other things to do in mind and things to type, but I don't even have the time to sit in front of the comp long enough to do it (omg how often do i say that) especially with a little girl walking everywhere going "sai yi, play playdoh please" or "sai yi, let's paint" or "please, don't eat me!"

But I couldn't be more thankful.
I already want children of my own EHEHEHE.


Rachel said...

Haha your niece is so CUTE! Especially when she said "please don't eat me". Lol.

I know how its like to feel whole when the entire family is here. Its the same feeling I get when daddy comes to visit.

sophira chong said...

O hai, Rach! Didn't know you still read this thing ahaha. Yeahp, I know, it's a good feeling :) Ro's back already, yeah? How you guys doing?

Rachel said...

Yup mom and Row are back. We are all doing fine. Roanne went for uni orientatin today! She is growing up so fast. =)