Monday, March 15, 2010

11th to 15th

Okay, I don't really have much to say. Well maybe I do, but too lazy to type heh. But then again, I promised myself to stop being an indolent backside so here goes. I don't have to retake my literature paper anymore. HEHEHEHEHAHAHAHA.
Okla, reason being is cause I'm not willing to spend almost 1k just to retake an exam that I didn't fail for, and so to make up for that, I'll just work extra hard in college to get good results that'll justify my awesome noob skillz. Actually, there's more depth to it, but that's for me to know and for not know.


Besides that, I've been somewhat satisfied of my daily writing routine which I've started for myself recently. I mentioned before, about 750 words, so that's my goal everyday. Though it's nothing like practising short story writing or wtv, just more of rants and raves and other nonsense... nonetheless, still very productive, so, 100 points for me! Hurhur.

But anyway, moving on to other not so self-centered things.

1103 Shopping

I almost broke those glasses. I have a big head wtv >_>

1203 Playtime #2

1303 You like tau foo? No?

Best thai food, ever.

Chef! :)

The place was so good, they even gave Jaeda a free froggy pencil.

.....i wanted one too D:

1503 Uncle!
Danny joined us for sushi because he is like so food deprived and if I don't feed him anything, he may just shrivel and turn into a mustard seed. Also because somebody was on hols for a week already and never called me. BLASPHEMY.
And when he arrived, Jaeda, being the little man-lover that she is, couldn't stop staring and smiling at him and calling him Uncle. Actually it was exactly the same a year ago. I'm starting to get suspicious (again).....

he can't take photos for nuts -_-

So that's basically what went down for the past couple of days. Other than that, I've just been going to the gym and talking and skipping and stuffing my face with Freddos, the only type of frog I'll ever eat.


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