Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sleep Eludes Me

Okay, I know I should be updating more and yader yader (actually, the reason escapes me. Why should I? :/) but I'm trying to reserve this week to spend with my sis and niece as it's their last week here and I doubt I'm going to Australia this year. So yeah, don't really have the time to sit here and type much. Obviously I want to share my ZOMG FANTABULOUS Suju pictures with you--whether you like it or not ;D--but alas, hence what I just said earlier.

I'll slowly post them though. Bit by bit.
Because I freaking took 600+ photos ok, so somebody's gotta see it.

Oh yeah, and I just came back from watching Alice in Wonderland. Honestly, I liked everything else except Alice. And the Catepillar, but I give him credit for calling her stupid girl everytime, HEHEH. It was just okay, I guess, I don't know. I kept comparing it to the book and the old cartoon movie (which trumps this actually) so it probably appeared worse. And plus, I found it funny that in the end Alice climbed out of the hole, immediately demanded a meeting, told to trade with Hong Kong and then, BOOM.

Alice in Chinaland.

Oh well. Never expect a great story to be perfect. :p

Nah, Vonn, for you lol.
More to come soooon.

PS. What's with everyone and formspring? Should I start one too? o___o

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