Sunday, March 7, 2010

All Grown Up?

Here I am, seated right below the blasting aircon that has finally been restored life (very, cold life) and I think I've "collected enough mood" to blog. Hur. What a phrase. Anyway.

The other day the sister and I decided to buy bubble soap and I took Jaeda out to play with this afternoon. We got us a big bottle and a small bottle and I, being the most kind and generous aunty....let Jaeda use the latter. I think I had more fun than her actually. :X

*pictures will come later.

And as I was running through the non-existent grass, gleefully and gayly popping bubbles and chasing butterflies (right.), I thought, why would I ever want to wish to be a kid again. I mean, isn't that line so constantly used nowadays: I wish I was a kid again. Even I am guilty of using that in a post just a while back.

And now, come to think of it, can't you just simply do those things again without even being a child. Why do we have to let the so-called Overgrown Maturity in us get in the way? Yes, overgrown, because we think we're adults when we're not. It's like as if we purposely put a struggle there between being playful and childish and, 'grown up'.

Funny thing is, I see 18 year olds like me running around, sitting in kiddy rides and 12 year old girls talking about wearing tampons and make-up.

Seriously, why? You'll miss out a lot that way D:

Well, obviously I used to be like that too. Not wanting to be treated like a small child anymore, demanding respect of age that I hadn't even earned (how much respect can you get from strangers when you're like, 13?) and other boring stuff lah. I can't be bothered to elaborate. Cause that's what it was. Boring.

So, I'm just gonna repeatedly remind myself to not think of growing up too fast. Because roaming around Toys R Us at my age is just as fun as doing it when I was 9. (well....i think i barely went into the shop then D:) But you get my point.

Note-to-self: Buy more bubble soap.

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