Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Speak Fish

So, yesterday was a really bad day for me. And today. Actually, for the past few days it has been. My head was choked up with a lot of things that I just felt like crawling into a hole and hiding there till I die. BUT, I opted for the more happy-pill kind of route and followed my sis and Rae down to KLCC. I had no idea why, but they were itching to go to Aquaria and I didn't mind cause like, I like, totally like Nemo. :o

For a place that's supposed to have a lot of fish...it didn't have a lot of fish :p Well, not enough exotic ones. I didn't even take any pictures of the fish cause they kept moving. They didn't sit when I told them to. Just like Nemo. Haih.

The LRT floor was too boring so I decided to pimp it uppp. You know what I hate most about LRTs? It's the part where you have to face someone who's sitting/standing in front of you and, though you're trying to look elsewhere, that person keeps staring at you and you can literally feel his/her eyes burning a hole through your face. I know my face like damn nice la, but you know......


The sis and Rae. Just a note, don't go to Aquaria unless you have a student card. Unless you're willing to watch your RM35 suddenly spurt wings and fly away. In which case, mine did. Cry.

One thing I'd love to see would be those really deep underwater creatures. Like, you know, that lightbulb fish from Nemo? (I think i've been watching too much Nemo already lol) Those kind. Strange though, this aquarium had a lot of insects and er, frogs.

So, while my sis and Rae went around Ooh and Aah-ing everything, I was busy, talking to my fish friends.

Failed ):

Other than that, I just,





I am not weird. *shifty eyes*

But yes, again, the temporary distraction did very well for that part of the day. Better being happy for a while than none at all, yes? :)

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