Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Same Difference

I'm suh-leeeepy. What went down today :-
  • My lecturers are awesomesauce, really.
  • Secret Recipe in Jaya One is... funny. They didn't allow us to have the 12pm set lunch just because it was only 11:45. SCREWWWW.
  • English - "My favorite hobby is, arh, sleeping gua."
  • Malaysian weather can go die, seriously.
  • Our goal was to befriend the whole class and I think, we're doing pretty well :D
  • I feel odd sometimes when I see a face that I know but, he/she doesn't know me.

Cherrie's like another Julian. Only know how to poke me ):

Prue and Hsien. Or Shien. But otherwise known as, Bob.
I think he's starting to like it as well :D

The Power 7, including Max

The tee design I had to come up with based on the interview with Cherrie.

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Rachel said...

Love the T-shirt design! =D