Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back In Black

I dubbed today Assignment Day but I only started at 4PM. Fail. Now, I'm stressing to finish up all three group assignments for our presentations this week. But, in the words of Barney Stinson: "Whenever I feel stressed, I just stop being stressed and be awesome instead. True story." ;D

So as I posted before, recently I've started working. I won't say where but I think you'll be able to guess soon enough. Or maybe not. Because I like being vague like THAT. NYEHE. Anyway. Moving on to stuff that happens during work.

  • That's me and my deathly excited face \(-_-)/
  • Everytime I wear my "uniform", I feel like I'm going to a funeral. Well, it's work so the depressing part is kind of the same, I guess. :p And I specially had to get black shoes just for this. Damn you, conformity.
  • I work four nights, about 20 hours a week. And all those weekdays, even during day time, there are a never-ending flow of people coming in to shop. Dear lord, don't you people work nowadays?!
  • Work is making me a little racist. Then again, I'm against all races equally. I'm such a good citizen of the world lol. *peace*
  • People-watching is fun :D
  • OH YEAH. If I haven't been emphasizing this enough already... I HATE PEOPLE WHO KACAU AWESOMELY STACKED PILES OF CLOTHES. SERIOUSLY. DROP DEAD ALREADY. D: I totally know now how that guy in FOS feels, who looked like he wanted to light himself on fire when a lady messed up the whole T-Shirt table section. I can stand by the table and fold all 10 piles of shirts for an hour and a girl just walks in, sabotages 5 piles in a second and NOT take any shirt at all. Honestly speaking, I can say that when I shop, I usually pick out clothes neatly and fold them back. The frustration, is heart breaking.
  • People who messed up the shirts in my section: 63. I had the on-going conversation in my head like, "Hi lady. Are you gonna be number 7? Are you? Are yo-- oh. No. Really. Come on, number 7. Really. Why. Why you do this to me."
  • It's because of those self-convos that I sometimes smile to myself. I think maybe that's why the full-timers don't talk to me much. They're probably wondering who's the scary smiley girl o___o
  • Oh, and yes, the full-timers don't talk to me all that much. Mostly cause I'm young, I'm Chinese, and I'm a part-timer. Also I can barely speak BM to save my life. I think my knowledge of it and French are about the same :/ And, they didn't even bother about me on the first day except for two people. So I made a point to be friendly to the next part-timer I see and I did. Now we're friends and on the same shift too, :)
  • Working in the fitting room area's the best cause I get to talk to customers sometimes, especially foreign ones. Socializing + doing work = awesome.
  • I love it when I have visitors :)

So, yeah. Work has been tiring and all but sometimes I just have to forget about all that and do it just for the sake of it. I have, a deeper reason for suddenly wanting to work or rather, wanting to since beginning of the year.

I've learnt one thing for sure-
Make the best of what you've got. ;)

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