Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bloop, bloop

I've been coming to this page everyday for the past few days and I stare at it for about 5 minutes, trying to conjure up any blogpost of doom but to no avail. I swear, my life is not that boring. I usually tell myself it's just that there's nothing to write about but then 10 seconds later, I realize that I'm lying because hello. I write a billion and one things in my diary. Though mostly irrelevant and me going on about a really hot guy I saw the day before...but still.

Oh yeah. And I saw a really hot guy the day before. :D

So, anyway, my mom left for Australia a few days ago and she'll be there for the next two months. Initially, I really couldn't be bothered with the chores of cleaning the house. Now, I still can't be bothered. :p But I'm getting there. The only thing is that I feel so tempted to NOT, feed her fish. There are just like, 5 of them in the tank and I just have this thing against them for two, very significant reasons:

1. Fish aren't real pets. Screw it okay, if you can name your bloated goldfish as "Bubbles" and feed it and stare at it and watch it jump out of the tank and then praise yourself cause you think you trained it to jump and then realize 3 hours later that it just committed suicide. Pets are meant to be shown love and you do that by playing with it, pampering it, cuddling it, etc loving things. Can you take your fish for walks?

I didn't think so.

2. I had an angel fish named Sheldon Cooper who died tragically when he jumped out of the tank and committed suicide. Which you would remember in this post last year.

And no, he was not trained to do that.

My mom refused to buy me another angel fish. I didn't think so considering the fact that she was celebrating Shelly's death. She thinks he used to bully her other smaller fish. I already told her he was the god and master race fish and all the fish in her tank should worship him but nooo, somebody wouldn't listen... :/

Oh well. That just goes back to my first reason: Fish are food, not friends.

...the sharks in Finding Nemo lied to you, seriously.

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