Monday, September 13, 2010


Okay so, let me take a break from my letter-writing to just, update about something else; something about life! I have, really been appreciating it a tad bit more recently. Just seeing, eating, admiring, thinking, dreaming... I do it all even while I'm occupied with something else.

I guess I've reached a point where I've become desperate. Desperate to see the bigger picture or detail in every single thing. When I look at people, places, objects around me, I don't want that to just be it. If you learn to observe, you'll see that all of it has a deeper meaning. As for me, I love watching people. I love, seeing their reactions and imagining up my own scenarios about them. I love noticing how unique each person is and being amazed that, I could look at a hundred people in a day and realize that none of them look the same. That's usually what I do on a lazy, naught-else-to-do afternoon on my balcony, just looking at life down at the swimming pool or walking around in the mall. Or even during work.

Ohoho.. they don't know about the scary, asian girl watching them. >=D

But yes- living. That's basically what I'm trying to do. Anywho! Today was one of those hang-out days at Vonn's place with Zoe. I've missed that a lot. Not having actual plans whatsoever and just being together. I've said this to a friend before, I told him that, no matter how many more friends you make through the years, you'll always know the ones who make you feel like you're at home. And I think I have an idea who those are. ;)

At the baking supplies shop, I snapped this picture of Zoe before the lady exclaimed, "No taking pictures here!" because, you know... we'd totally steal her copyrighted design of white chocolate blocks. -.-

After that, it was back home to pig out on...


So if you asked me.. it was a day well spent. :)

P/S: I really don't get the hate on Justin Bieber, seriously. He has good vocal range, he can dance, AND he plays the drums. I mean, I'm not gonna start doodling Mrs Bieber all over my notebook but the guy does have it pretty good.

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