Monday, October 4, 2010

What's The Haps

So, some new things:


2) I'm still in-progress with the 30 letters meme. Though that's not exactly new and I should probably get on to the next letter soon...

3) The thing that's been keeping me so occupied nowadays is KH2!! (ahem, Kingdom Hearts) Yah, I've decided to replay the game all the way from the start and I shall finish it 101%. It's been like a craving to do it ever since I found my old files which consisted of both KH and KH2 visual art books, OSTs, videos, etc lah... oooh, I can feel my inner geek bubbling with joy. :D

4) On Saturday, it was shopping day with Zoe and the Lai brothers in Sungei Wang. I usually feel like a boy during shopping trips because I barely buy anything since I'm not actually bent on spending. Plus, I don't shop for dresses or heels or "pretty things". But with Terry there I just felt all the more worse. I am clearly not made for shopping. If the economy depended on me to contribute, everyone would be sleeping in toilets and stealing dog scraps, srsly.

Zoe and I in our fanciful shorts.
You laike? You laaaaike?

Well we didn't. HEHH.

5) This is so retarded but I kinda miss work. :/ Okay not work per se, although some of it I DO actually miss because it took me a whole lot of getting used to... More like, I'm missing the people at work who used to kacau me all the time. It was disappointing to have to suddenly leave just like that but well. Shit happens. Life goes on. The sky's still blue. People still eat cookies. What are'ya gonna do about it? :/

6) My creative thinking lecturer is teh AWESOMEZ! First time in class, my mind didn't start drifting off after an hour or so to food. I swear, food thought can penetrate ANY interesting talk that's going on. But not today. Today was goood. :)

5) My face is plagued and blemished and destroyed and....PLAGUED. I would stab my face if it did not cause me to hurt and die. Honestly the worst kind of gene to inherit is the pimply kind. WHY GOD, WHY.

7) My mum seems to be very proud of the fact that my sister and I have quite a high alcohol tolerance level. And now she's getting excited about golf with my dad. I'm not sure if I should be worried.


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