Friday, November 5, 2010

Pacman & Nga Choi's Birthday

I have very itchy hands, period. Ever since I started college and found out that most of my classrooms have bright orange, yellow and pink/purple walls, I just NEEDED to do something with it. Especially, being an avid reader of Katie Sokoler (I love you @__@). So I came up with an idea and planned with Daphne. This was how it was supposed to go:

1. Go to college way early
2. Get to class and stick the deco
3. Go eat <--- possibly the most important thing
4. Pretend to be surprised along with everyone else

Pretty good eh? :D But then... we didn't consider the defects of our plan. For one, we totally forgot that there could be a class before ours so we couldn't stick the stuff early. That was actually the only thing that affected our plan -.- So it turned out to be more like this:

1. Got to college early
2. Nandos was still closed ;__; but we quickly finished up some stuff there
3. Got to class. Realized there was a class before ours and we had to wait till 12
4. Ran away from our classmates when we saw them from afar
5. Hid in Cold Storage and ate bread
6. Hid in Room 1 until the other class was over
7. FINALLY went into room 2 and locked our juniors outside
8. Stuck the design on the wall

Yeeeah. A lot of sneaking around had to be done. In the end, it was worth it. Everyone liked it, including our lecturer. :D We kinda left it there afterwards so, hopefully we don't get in trouble?

But Daph and I were mainly waiting for the boy of the day - Kelvin! Pacman was just.. mini surprise #1. Mini surprise #2 was...

the SIGN! Which he did not wear to 1u. Angerface >:(

Mini surprise #3 - Cake!

And that was about it.

It was a pretty good day, even with extra class.
As for classroom designs... who knows when we'll strike next. >:)

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