Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1. Last sem passed by pretty quick, :/ Maybe it was because our assignments were already given out during the first and second week already. Or maybe because we were either having too much fun/stress/drama/talking sessions/stuff. Whatever it is, next thing we all knew- ONE MONTH AWAY FROM 2011. Now it's just two weeks. I'm quite excited :D

2. Moral paper was a fracking pain in the backside, seriously. All of us (and by all, I really mean Daph and me) concentrated on normative statements and theories and whatnot. After all, it is MORAL kan. But in the end, the paper--including the short and long essays--was mostly about ISLAM, HINDUISM and BUDDHISM. We were like, stun....


They secretly hate us, really. The Christian question didn't even make any sense. We do not have three kinds of souls, tqvm.

3. To be honest, I don't really feel like I'm in the Christmassy mood. Just five days away too! I need to get a Christmas tree. Or plant. D:

4. I want the Amazon Kindle for Christmas present, mummy daddy. *cough*

5. I can't wait for next weeeeeeek!!!

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