Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stuff In November

There were moments in college that have become hard to forget cause they've become moments that are stuck with us. And it doesn't get old no matter how many times we bring it back up again. :)

Having Apek as a constant companion wherever I went.
And getting so used to having someone call me "Mommy mommy" everytime lol.

Violating Cherrie's pencil box that she just loves to poke me with.
That was fun. I need to tear out the ears next.

Our frequent visits to the Indonesian icecream man.
I like how he smiles when he sees us. And how he smiles even bigger when he sees Apek. *eyebrow wiggles* But I think he needs to learn how to press in the icecream deeper into the cone. I've lost count of how many times all of our scoops almost fell out.

Sleeping over in Wayee's house. I like how I influence people to not sleep at sleepovers. :D Also, learning Kelvin's clap-and-bow dieting method.'s not working.

Presentations went by well despite rushed preparations and stuff.
Failed statement: I will NOT do assignments at the very last-minute. I guess we'll never learn.

A famous love story happening in college. It's too sweet, really. ;)

And then there was the papa bear's birthday.
It's amazing how different and alike we are at the same time. We're alike in a sense that our views on almost everything are on the same wavelength. I learn so much from him and I like that he's so realistic and down-to-earth. I have to thank him for not letting me be naive and be the, somewhat "matured person", that I hope I am today.
As for our differences.. that's for me to know. :P

Hehe. I still don't like your specs.

Our annual VBS! Slightly anti-climatic compared to the previous years but fun, nonetheless.

I learn so much from and through kids. And I feel sad when I see that their innocence is starting to deteriorate at young ages. Primary school kids at my age used to be peaceful and talk about socks and play dinosaur or batu seremban. Now, they talk about boyfriends and girlfriends and crushes and even sex.

Can I slap them pls.

The smallest four year old I've ever seen.
I love him. He loves me. All is good with rainbows and cookies and the world. :)

The Return of the King Wife.

I WAS SO HAPPY I COULD'VE DIEDDDD. AM STILL HAPPY. WILL BE SAD WHEN SHE LEAVES BUT... YAH STILL HAPPY. :D It always feels like forever and I miss our gay moments! Now we can have MOAR! Yayayay.

And, well, the other stuff that happened in November. Mm, I can't say not important but well.. they're just stuff. This month will bring more and then the next thing you know, it's 2011. Gosh.

So, a little about me. I'm confused. I'm quite contented but not as much because of the confusion. I'm still trying to be more hard-working. I'm still fairly a perfectionist. I don't really like being me right now. I'm currently pressuring my dad to quickly redo my room cause I'm getting very sick of it. I'm very much flustered right now. I've made so many mistakes in the past few months. And I hate the weather.

But hey.. that's life.

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