Sunday, July 27, 2008

Donuts are round :O

Note to Indian dude: Please, don't sit at one of the OUTSIDE tables of a restaurant and lift your arm AND continuously scratch & massage your armpit with your friggin finger. It's revolting. Yuck ok, YUCK.
Like the link? Yay or nay? I kinda love it. And it's aaaall thanks to Yen. I was thinking of various words and then his "Sofunnie!" came up and i was like, BRILLIANT! So thank you, yen!

Hopefully, this account won't screw up. Actually, my previous one had a few problems here and there for quite a long time already but i decided to ignore it... then now it has certain html and publishing probs, so i thought, ah to heck with it. Just change lah. After all, i managed to get up to exactly 430 posts so yah lor. Real sorry though, you guys must be kinda fed up following me around, changing from here to there :P Chwesonghamnida!

Right, so I finally tried out that place opposite Cravings (where excessive-scratching-armpit-guy was at) that used to be Dome...

One word: e x p e n s i v e. I guess the proportion of the food was not bad la, but i'm definitely not makaning there anytime soon. Plus, i think their specialty is pork meat? And since i've quitted eating pork, i don't see what's the pointtttt... they have yummy mash`taters tho. Mmmmmmm.
Speaking of food, i have a sudden craving for an Oliver's baked cheese potato....hum hum....

Haih, i gym a lot and eat twice as much after that. so pai seh :P

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