Sunday, August 24, 2008

No more girly locks for you, mister

Guess who will be performing at the Olympic closing ceremony along with Lee Hom and Kelly?

But most importantly...

Guess who finally cut his hair?!





I'm so not missing tonight.

Oh yeah, btw, i didn't even get to sleep after i finished blogging so late last night (ur, this morning?). I only slept at like, 3/4am? SUCKAGE LAH. But the amazing thing is, i didn't even feel like dozing off during service this morn. He heard my prayer after all :D And i'm finally butchering my hair kao kao tmr. Too thick, too hot. It's too annoying. Hopefully the guy doesn't screw up my fringe like the last time.

Ok, i gotta ciao. I'm feeling so dizzy.

Omg, i'm such a happy little spazz right now. I finally got to see Rain "do" something other than mia-ing. But they hardly showed his and Wang Lee Hom's face lah. I don't think i even SAW Lee Hom's face. That was crap man. D: Beijing Beijing, wo ai Beijingggg. Btw, a Japanese guy wrote that song. LOLwtc.

OH, those climbers wearing the half red half silver suits were AMAZING. Especially when they formed the blossoming human flowers. So pretty! And the fireworks are seriously killer. Imagine how much money they spent for that (and how much they contributed to pollution. haha.). I bet London can't top Beijing's opening and closing ceremonies.


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