Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Hey hey, you yo--", *off*

It's 12.46 and i'm not sleepy yet. I don't think the marshmellows helped. D:

Today, which is technically yesterday, considering it's already 'AM', August 23rd,
Okay so I know I had to get up early to head over to Zoe's, but I did NOT think stupid Hotlink msges had to be sent at 8.20 in the morning just to wake me up extra early :( After that, i couldn't fall back asleep again, so i went online to find, amazingly, that Vern was on. Vern online at 8.45am? IS THE WORLD ENDING??

Well, ok, no, the world didn't end, but he had an early wake too. And then abandoned me to go back to sleep. Evil. Buuut anyway, i got to Zoe's at 9 something, waited for Meg to come, Meg came, Zoe finally decided her outfit after 3 change of clothes, Ter called the taxi, AND off we go to the land before time....


AND YES! We watched Wall-E after we reached. I so happy! Not only was the movie awesome, we got to watch it for free. And everyone knows, free things + 4 friends + popcorn + lauya rubber watches (WHICH is also free) = love. So yeah, it was definitely worth it. Wa-wa-wa-WaaaAAAAALL-E.

After that, we headed off to the main entrance for the Avril Lavigne Wannabe Contest held by Hotlink and Mainly cause Zoe's friend was in it, so we cheered our asses throats off. And we got to see scaryskinny girls dance around in mini-skirts and fishnet stockings. And a guy. HAHA. Well, it obviously paid off, cause she won! Hurray! And i think we were on tv cause we shook our derrière with Chunky Munky. :D I think we looked a little spastic tho, cause Meg and i started butt-bumping.

Back to the winner, well she got 3 thou + Fender elec guitar + tickets to Avril's concert. Sexy huh? She deserved it cause she was awesome and cause Zoe has one heck of a scream. She seriously no joke weh.

My throat pain already. D:

First half. Spot the dude lmao. Zoe's friend, Denise, is 5th to the right. And yes, the small girl in the middle was one of the contestants as well. Her mum let her listen & memorize lyrics to Avril's "Girlfriend"? tsk tsk. But she was cute, nonetheless.

The other half.

And the winner is....

Bam! jeng jeng jenggg.

When i think of the Girlfriend song, i now think of that blonde dude. He has tainted my memory T_T

Zoe, Soph, Megs.

Oh, but midway through the competition, we met up with a few more others and then got to Pizza Hut. But Zoe, Megs and i ditched 'em to go cheer Denise on for the grand finale. Aren't we just swell? :) Then again, they did 'counter-ditch' us and even left without telling. roars. Maybe one day, we'll find a little bit of compassion in our hearts to forgive y'all.

Or maybe not.

HEE. Anywhoos, turns out ice skating was a no-go, so, the three of us lunch-ed at Sakae Sushi. Mmmmmm, loveleh.

We weren't ready, lah! & i'm not that small ok!

Our disgusting creation. It's um, pink ginger and string veggies soaked in seeyau, green tea ice, and wasabi, topped off with that green i-forgot-what-it's-called. Sounds heavenly, yes?

HAHA NO, it tastes like shit. I was dumb enough to try, ha ha.

Waiting for Zoe's dad. NewZealand icecreams! We act rich only, actually broke wun. Hahaha.

From Zoe's, i followed Meg to to her's and there, we... crapped around. She showed me her handsome Japanese boys and whatnot :P Her mum still remembers me, after two years! Yay, I HAVE GOOD IMPACT ON PARENTS, so invite me to your home! HEHE.

Her funky beanie.




Last, but not least, everyone sure has their own "was here" sign.
So, this was mine:


end transmission: 0133hrs.

Ok, NOW i'm sleepy.

"I see it."
"See what?"
"The balls."
"Whose balls?"

"The salmon balls."

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