Friday, August 22, 2008

Evil hormones, i bbq you

OMG, what kind of freakish stupid pimples are y'all???

Can you stop stalking me?!

Can you stop plaguing my face??!



So yeah, i got the pimples again. Some on my forehead and two on my RIGHT cheek. Again. Wth, no seriously, WHAT THE HECK. Why me? D: Just when it was healing too. Stupidwthbbq!%$(@^_!@$ ROAR. Damn you, zits. And, before you guys start throwing accusations, i DO take care of my face ok. But i don't go for facial, not like some people... *cough* vern *cough*.

Tomorrow, ice skating and hopefully, Wall-E. Wheeee.

Eve: Name?
Wall-E: Wall-E.
Eve: Wall-E?
Eve: Eve.
Wall-E: Eva?
Eve: Eve.
Wall-E: Eeeeeva?
Eve: Eve!
Eve: Eve!
Wall-E: Eeeeeva!

Whahah. :)

Sara Bareilles's Love Song

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