Thursday, August 21, 2008

What title to put?

Here are the few pictures from the past 3 'gatherings'. Many many unglam and superblur (and inappropriate :P) pictures are omitted though. For safety of your eyes and for our dignities. :D

Jules' bbq,


The people eating the food.

The people candidly enjoying the shandy food.

Them and the birthday boy.

Nick, Zoe. Awww.

:O This would've been a nice photo. WOULD'VE BEEN, VONN. Hahahaha.

Nina's farewell dinner,

Nina, Vonn. HA HA.


Zoe, Megs.

Zoe giving her not-so-smile, me with my death stare, and Vern.... being Vern.

The hug.

The lick.

The dance.


Vonn's house,
At like, 9-something-am, me mum suddenly knocked my toilet door and was like, "I got facial at 12. I can drop you at Yvonne's place." So funnily random, mummy. Anyways, i got to vonn's at 11 something. We had good BONDING session. I don't know why we laughed so hard when it was supposed to be a bit emo. lol? :D

"Wai coverrr?!"


I'm scared to look at my phone now lol.

Dashboard Confessional's Stolen
Fall Out Boy's Me & You

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