Wednesday, August 20, 2008

`tis a good thing or a bad thing...?

Bring out the oldies; rewinding back to '06!

But firstly,

a very merry 17th to you, Julian Chin!

I like reading archives. Y'know, it brings back a lot of memories. So, i read some of mine and some of Zoe's today. We all sure changed a lot huh. :D

I found this! :O i look weird. & that's Jul btw.

This would've been a nice pic if Zoe's bigass hand wasn't there, ahaha.

Another one i lost. Vonn, Zoe, Soph, Jul.

Er, yeah, 3 only. Of course, there are more and i figured i'd post a lot of 'em but, i lazy lah. Hehe, so maybe another time? :)

I've had the weirdest day. I kept slipping in and out of a kind of 'dreamy' state... for obvious reasons to me, d'oh. You know why? Cause, i remembered it. I remembered it all. I've been nostalgic all day and i still am. And i don't know whether to smile and laugh or to cry. If only....

um, yeah, ignore me. :P
and ignore the irrelevant picture. It's just for Zoe to take, heh!

Westlife's Unbreakable

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